Here at Kemand Tech, we offer a wide variety of technology services to meet your every day Tech needs.At  surprisingly affordable prices, we offer  a broad range of next generation cloud based services.


IDEAL FOR  low traffic sites

Domain  management 

Dns  management 

Regular  Cloud Back-ups

LoAd balancing

Content delivery network (CDN)

stage, dev, prod enviroment 

10 Email Accounts

SSL certificates

web analytics

SSH and FTP Access

customer support


Monthly Plan

Advanced Managed Cloud Hosting

Ideal for medium and high traffic sites

Domain management

Dns management

Regular cloud back-ups

LOad Balancing 

Content Delivery Network(CDN)

stage, dev , prod environment

20  Email accounts

SSL certificates

web Analytics

ssh and sFTP ACCess

Customer Support


Monthly Plan


And other services

wordpress development

e-commerce development

web application development 

Knowledge base systems

Mobile app development

Machine learning

Search engine optimisation

Data analysis

Cloud architecure 

Database management

Tech consulting 

 $Price depends on need