Yasmeen Souffrant

Meet Yasmeen Souffrant


In this article, we take a dive into the world of Yasmeen Souffrant ; Design and communication consultant for KemAnd Tech. Yasmeen has in depth knowledge in graphic design, UI/UX, and communications. She has done great work for renowned institutions like Amnesty International, and the Federal Government of Canada. She consults with KemAnd Tech through her company Creative Sekence.   

What do you do at KemAnd Tech? 

I work in partnership with Kemand Tech, which allows both of us to align our actions, in order to offer a wide range of competitive services to our clients. Our skill sets are complementary to each other. 

How did you find yourself in design?

From a young age I have always been surrounded by creativity. I have always had a natural talent for drawing and the creative arts. Design allows me to explore many of my interests. Graphic design can be transposed into things like communication, advertising, public relations, new technologies, arts, and many more. Design allows me to renew myself every day and to constantly innovate and evolve. So I began my graduate studies in graphic design and since then I have continued to develop my skills. 

What are the challenges you face working with KemAnd Tech ?

 The challenges I face at Kemand Tech are : being able to produce quality work while meeting short deadlines. Fortunately, the company shows a lot of flexibility, understanding and adaptation (excellent leadership and support from management). 

What is your take on the future of technology ? 

I strongly believe that technology will take up more space than now. I also believe that to be part of decision-making in the future and to be able to fully understand the challenges that lie ahead, we will all need to show some interest in new technologies, to learn how they work and what will be their impact on the world we see today. 

In your opinion, what makes a good graphics designer ?

I think good graphic designers are the ones who observe and listen a lot. Good graphic designers must, yes, have talent and good creative ideas (being able to simplify information, demonstrate good time management and having knowledge of graphic tools), but must also demonstrate patience, flexibility, curiosity, in addition to knowing how to innovate and explore new horizons.

In your opinion, what is the difference between UI/UX and Graphics design ?  

UX / UI designers most often work with interfaces and the digital space. That is to say that they are sort of “graphic designers” who work mostly with technologies for the web and mobile applications. They must have notions of information architecture, ergonomics, web design (sometimes even web development, therefore notions of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JAVA, PHP, Python), psychology theory and research (when they run user interviews or surveys for example) and interactive design. They use specific tools for the creation of interfaces, prototypes and wireframes such as Figma, Sketch and Adode XD.

Graphic designers on the other hand work with digital technology, but very often with print (although it tends to disappear in certain areas). The product of their work is often more physical, that is to say it can be touched directly with your hands ( business cards, books, brochures, flyers, posters, banners, promotional articles etc.). Graphic design theory and skills are however very useful and present in UX / UI design, such as : color theory, grids, ergonomics, graphic charts and the use of graphics software such as Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop (which also allow prototypes and wireframes to be produced).

What do you like to do in your spare time ?

I enjoy spending quality time with friends and colleagues and having rich and in-depth discussions on all kinds of topics. I like traveling and visiting museums or art galleries. I also like to draw.

What is the one thing a lot of people do not know about you ? 

Even though I have always been an artist at heart, I first started studying nursing before getting into graphic design studies. I have always cared for other people and their well being, but I ended up discovering that nursing was not my path. I was very young and early in my career decision, so the change was not difficult for me. Thanks to the fact that I had a lot of introspection capacity even at that age, to be able to redirect my path and trust myself.

What is the one piece of advice that has helped you the most since you started working in this industry ?

I would tell anyone who is just starting out to focus on themselves and their personal goals. Do not compare yourself and your work with others. Be aware of new design trends, and explore diverse areas (not just design). Be open to volunteer experiences to build your portfolio, but quickly demand to be paid after a few times. Also, know how to analyze the opportunities available to you and accept those that align with your values and what you believe in. I will also say break the ice. Collaborate with other people and build your network as soon as possible. This could help you to get a job or contracts in the future. Also keep going and trust your intuitions.Visua