Alinea Review

Alinea Review is a platform to host interesting and provocative ideas about the world from the perspective of “small ‘o’ orthodoxy,” or creedal Reformed Catholicism (mere Protestantism). We believe that too many beautiful facets of the Triune God are inadequately explored in contemporary discourse, and aim to remedy this deficiency.


What we do for Alinea Review

  • Migrate to the cloud
  • Secure the site with SSL Cerificate
  • Update WordPress
  • Decrease load time
  • Optimize SEO


Travpa is tech start up that connects non-travellers to travellers.It links non travellers interested in sending parcels or gifts to friends or love ones with travellers sending a container by sea to the country of interest.Though still in it still in the beta phase, the user growth is looking very positive.

What we do for Travpa

The developers behind KemAnd Tech are the ones that are designing and building Travpa from the ground up.

  • Build custom back-end PHP framework
  • Design and implemented front end using Bootstrap and AngularJS
  • Added a CDN (content delivery network) to the site
  • Migrated the platform to the cloud
  • Install and implement analytics

SOBA Montreal

SOBA Montreal is an alumni association for Saint  Joseph College Sasse, Buea, Cameroon, West Africa.The main objective of the association is to create and maintain a bond between alumni members and their alma matter.


What we do for SOBA Montreal

  • Build and maintain a website
  • Host website on the cloud
  • Event marketing and many more